10 October 2007

The Glories of Fall

Um, I love fall. That's it. And to prove why you should love fall too, I've compiled the following list:

1. Leaves. Did you know that the state economy of New Hampshire actually depends on people coming to look at their leaves in the fall? They even have a cute term for those tourists--leaf peepers. Clearly, dying foliage must be gorgeous for an entire economy to hang on it, and besides, think of it as God's painting. :)

1a. Leaves on the Ground--not to be confused with just plain old leaves, leaves on the ground are much more fun because they can be either jumped in, stepped on (to produce a wonderful crunching sound), or some combination of the above.

1b. I only included this because a certain professor of mine insists that outlines can only have an a if they also have a b. Take that.

2. Apple Cider. Seriously. What day isn't made about a billion times better by a warm mug of apple cider?

2a. Carmel Apples--nothing takes the nutritional content of fruit down quite like molten sugar. Yum!

2b. Apple Pie--as American as baseball, hot dogs, and really nice teeth.

3. Pumpkins. They're orange and globular. You can carve them to make funny (or scary) faces. They make tasty pie. Really, where's the complaint?

3a. Okay, pumpkin in any sort of bread form is a peculiar allergy of mine, but I choose to ignore that this time of year. Viva le pumpkin!

3b. See 1b.

4. School. Yes I'm a geek, but admit it, you like going back to school (even if it's only for a day) in the fall, too.

5. Weekend Trips--for some reason they're always more fun in the fall. Example: I went home last weekend. It was lovely. How lovely you ask? Well, I got a half birthday party, my sister and brother-in-law came over, we went out to an amazing dinner, and my mom read me a bedtime story--except instead of a story, it was the Yale Divinity School faculty profiles and she kept tripping over words like "deuterocanonical" and "Pentateuch." It was glorious.

I vote we all go out and enjoy fall this weekend. Last to jump in the leaf pile is a rotten pumpkin!

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Anonymous said...

Ah Fall. A wonderful time of year. Personally I enjoy cooler temperatures offset by the warmth of the sun. It just makes me feel happy. pal